Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day Four

Day day day day 4
Pain killers am yes.

Has not got any sandwich where is my sandwich?

What why am it eating pain killers it hard to read instructions because head woozy. Think no more take now.

The wolves. Running.

Sleep now Daniel.

Awake is now.
Have made my soul out of Lego. It is mostly blue eight dot cuboids. In a square.
Smash it. I now have no soul. So tired.

Clock is upside up. Turn it over make more sense now the world survives upside down the time begins to be untime and up is the new down.

Think I had best not write more the words are coming from too deep within me like wizard magic.

Going to shop to buy corn on the cob.

Corn mmm.

Think sleep for rest of day.

Not more medicine sleep.
I am dreaming of a dream within a dream within a dream within a dream but where are the peanuts.


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