Thursday, 12 July 2012

Day Twelve

Day Twelve.

Supposed to be travelling the country and enjoying myself tomorrow.

Supposed to be. Meh.

With Lucy, the girl with the large chest from the shop.

Only she rang to say she can't come.
Something about a dead parent or something.

To be fair I wasn't really listening as Deal or No Deal was on and I think I've worked out a system. Turns out if you pick box 12 first and then go for 4, 9, 11 and 5, that leaves you with a 97.2% chance of the 10p box being box 8. Don't ask me how it works because it is too complicated for modern science.
So anyway, Lucy's mum or dad or fish is dying so she can't come on my adventure and I suddenly don't want to go.
Not like I wanted her to come anyway. Not at all. I mean, if the simple occasion of a dying old person is enough to distract her from an important life changing adventure then what's going to happen if we spot a flock of starlings near the M42? Exactly. Utter nonsense. So I told her it was perfectly fine that she wasn't coming and if she ever needed to talk to anyone she should give me a call and open box 3 which contained £10,000. She hung up on me after that, as clearly something was up. Probably left some toast under the grill or something.
Remembering I myself had left toast under the grill, I put out the fire and, seeing that I had already put eight pairs of underpants in a carrier bag, I decided that tomorrow will be the day for starting my adventure, big chested companion or not. Yes.
Then I had a Goblin meat pie sandwich. And a bag of jelly babies.
Liam the Question phoned at about half past two, when I was finishing breakfast and stopping crying and suggested we go to the pub because apparently if you hit the vending machine in the right place you get free mars bars. I am meeting him in twenty minutes. Have decided to take it easy tonight though and stay away from the booze. Especially since I'm adventuring tomorrow. Anyway, see you soon.

Pash j.

Has an alcohil and

Lucy dead dad dog horse cow pig parrot invisible cow
Cows invisible danger
Liam Question is called Liam Queation

because he ask queatiobs and his name is liam. Today he asking why sausage is called sausage and not meat tube. An then has beer gin gin cocktails.

Inventioned new cocktail maybe you try it at hoome.

Pog's cocktail by Pogg
Some vodk
Same archers
Some blue curacibaobaicao
Some pernod
Some vodka
Put inn pinter glass and adda umbella
Taste bad but hahahahahagagagagagag

Goin to volmit now. You can vomit if yuo like. It is funby


Go on avdenture in morning
Slepe now

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